Monday, July 21, 2014

Techie day!!!

Today I wanna talk technology! More specifically phones!! Hehehe I am a phone junkie; I love androids, iPhone whatever shiny phone I can find (can you notice I don’t know much I just like shiny? Hahaha)

 I’ve had the iPhone 3 g, iPhone 3Gs, my current is a Nokia Lumia 720 (not really current since it fell into the toilet and now the screen won’t show), actually my current is an Alcatel old tiny phone which my boy loves to throw in the floor so it can break to pieces which he then loves to put back lol. Anyways now I want a new phone and am undecided between the Samsung Galaxy 5 and the Sony Xperia Z2! They are both awesome but too big!

But I held the Galaxy today and it ain’t too shabby!!! But am still undecided. All sites I go to they say it’s almost the same thing but the Galaxy always wins by a tiny margin!!! But I like the Xperia because it has more colour variety (see my priority here? Hahahah) Am a person that’s always stuck to her phone, playing games, Facebook, internet, I basically like to live out of my phone. So which one do you guys think is better? Have a great day!

A Boys Momma

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