Friday, July 18, 2014

It’s getting to be too much…

Today I woke up as carefree as I can be, and as usual I opened my daily fix of news and what was my shock when I saw the people who perished on the Malaysian Airline flight MH17! I mean if there was ever any senseless killing this goes right at the top! Am not writing this from the political point of view, am not interested in that not even one bit, am more worried, sad, shocked and plain outraged at the massive loss of life! I mean how someone can be so callous as to shoot a plane down just because it might be from the enemy or because “they are flying in our sky?” I really pray that the Lord has mercy on the people who did this because my mind cannot even begin to grasp the concept of forgiving hem and am not even from there. Am praying for the families who are left behind with no answers, no comfort, no more hellos to say, and oh my gosh can you imagine how scared those 100 children were? I just cannot digest this! Lord, today I pray for the families of those who perished on the plane crash, I pray for comfort for them, for peace and for them to be able to forgive. Walk with them, protect their hearts, minds and sanity because this sure is not easy but nothing is impossible with You so I ask that you will carry them through these difficult times. All this I ask in the name of you Son Jesus Amen

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