Saturday, May 23, 2009

oh... bees and shoes

i was just stung by a bee... lemme tell u its not pretty!!! oh it hurts like hell!!!wow, everybody says its painful but nobody says how much!! jeezz... anyways for some reason i feel like talking about shoes...but i dont have anything to say besides the fact that i love them but always end up buying the wrong ones... like buying sandals in winter, closed shoes in summer and such. anyways, writing on monday gotta study.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Holding on

how is it that as soon as you hit puberty your problrms get 1000% magnified?
where does it all goes wrong? when u are a child u do all you can to be an adult, as soon as you grow up and become an adult(and all the baggage that comes with it) we do all we can to hold on to our childhood memories and they seem like the only thing that keeps us sane...
i wonder what am i gonna tell my kids when they growing up in this subject, how am i going to tell them to enjoy their childhood in this age? how am i going to teach them without making them scared of growing up? i wanna be able to tell them that is ok to want to grow up but please please plase enjoy where you are now because it is very fleeting....
anyways, just one of those things.
peace in (it realy doesnt make sense to say peace then out)!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


oh such a nasty word and no one should ever go through it... hope... something so fragile, yet so strong, to have hope is to ha reason forve faith and to have faith is to not waiver, but wow, sometimes is hard... oh the reason for my posting is that i was so excited about this conference, planned and all, and i was rejected... am so pissed, so down... anyways it probably wasnt what God has planned for me. i have to be strong, hopeful and faithful huh.... seek His kingdom first...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

how weird is this?

A tree frog ripped apart by a lawnmower has been stitched back together after undergoing life-saving surgery in Australia. check the link on the blog there...


oh sucky sucky day...i slept late yesterday(doing an assignment) and today i feel like zombie!!!! am falling asleep standing! am telling i could probably be drooling while talking(disgusting i know but true)my head feel so heavy!!! am glad tomorrow i dont have to wake up early really am... anyways todays i a record day where am submitting 4 assignments in a day yoh... God is good. anyways gotta go later!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


mmm... that sounds like a fun word... "toiling" (try and say it in your head) anyways, we trying to finish our assignment (not fun)and thank you Mr. Ford for inventing lean thinking but this sucks!!! yo, and to top it all its not as if there is tons of RELYABLE info about it... anways just 3 more days and then break from this for the exams...!! k gotta go later...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Buses and brothers in the freezing cold!

waiting for the bus in the freezing cold... mm not cool! i seriously need a car... hope i can get one before the end of the year coz this is just not on. anyways heard from a friend that i haven't seen in a while and i really hope she's doing ok. just got home from school and i must say that NOW i know the meaning of annoying brothers! i try and try, anyways being the oldest suuucks!until they are mature boys shouldn't be allowed to live no the same planet as women! uugghh!!

Who invented group work?

oh am mad am mad... do you know when u in school and u have group work to do? ya... the idea in itself already sucks now imagine when you have lazy group memebers!!! now i will admit that am not the most diligent person on the planet but when is group work and i have to do something i pitch with what i was assigned to do!! this girl in my group id driving me up the wall... the only reason that we not gonna kick her out is becuase we dont want her to lose her marks but she's really taking us for a ride, and every fiber of my being is dying to just lash out at her but i wont, it wont do anything,and besides, we still have classes together next semester (but am avoing that trap in the future)anyways, i hope i can keep my mouth shut...
so now am trying to find info for the assignment and the computer is not working (i refuse to get mad, i wont let the machines win) ;-) ok, i gotta go now... will write soon

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New week!

hey! today was a good day! like i said woke up late, made lunch then went to church (we talked about prayer and we had a prayer of agreement) was awesome. but am also happy because my hubby read my blog for the first time (must confers i was a bit anxious of what he would think coz i really wanted him to like it) and guess what? he liked it and am over the moon about it!! guess i was worrying for nothing!anyways new week new work this is the last week of classes before exams (might be off for a while) but am excited about them. k sleep time now! am out!

Oh beautiful sunday!

hey! today is sunday and a sunny day! didn't go to church just stayed in bed and after this week, it was a much needed sleep! anyways sundays i cook so i gotta go do that then church. see ya tomorrow! enjoy your day

Saturday, May 9, 2009

School on a saturday? why oh why?

oh today is a sucky sucky day... its saturday and instead of sleeping late am on campus coz i have a presentation...its not as if school is close to home (almost 20 kms away i think). anyways, just had a group meeting with other group and just finishes, now 'll go to prepare for the presentation... this week was not a nice one... so much work so little sleep i even have work to do on a sunday!! (there should be a law against that) but just one more week to go before exams!!! yeppeeeee!!!
on a lighter note tho... am going out later to relax.... eat some prawns, maybe a movie... its gonna be fun just to let loose... k gotta go!!!
lotsa love from me.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


today i woke up at 6 in the morning to go to a prayer meeting, it was freezing cold(so believe me i did not want to get up) but i went and i feel so blessed!!! but one thing i realised today is that am not thankful enough!! so many things i have that instead of saying thanks i use them as a burden! but anyways am thankful for the life, friends and family that i have.
other thing i was thinking where would i be if i didnt come to south africa... where would i be? what would i be doing? wow i wouldn't ahev met the love of my life!! that sucks big time!! wow am glad i came and that am here... this is where am supposed to be, this is part of God's plan for my life and am thankful for it... baby i love you...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


today my day has been awesome but i feel like it has been funyless!! am trying to think of something funny that hapenned and for the life of me cant remember... mm... i wonder, if my brain is in a holiday... oh well might remember later

baby boo

finished work... gonna chill around a bit then see my love... am so in love with him these days... cant wait to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him... anyways later

prayer and fast

at work... bit boring but its better than nothing... oh am an assistant... anyways... today is a good day.... we having a fast and prayer week in church and today i started the day with prayer!! it has been an amazing day so far!!! nways later...

Monday, May 4, 2009


just joined twitter... wonder what all the fuss is about... i still dont think facebook is the biggest thing since sliced bread... but what the heck... lets check it out too!!


oh ya... i forgot to update you!!! i finally graduated, and now am doing my honours... wow it was a battle!!! it took me 5 years (lots of crying, hardwork, laziness and broken hearts) to finish the degree but i finally did it!!! and to top it all i graduated in the same week as the love of my life!!! God has been so amazing to me who would have known that i would be this blessed!!! ya so we both doing our honors and will also (God willing and laziness aside) finish at the same time!!! anyways... will keep u posted...

oh life

just submitted an assignment... it was ok it was a good group to work with... but am so tired of school am counting the days until am done and go to work... people say that when u start working you wish you were studying but i still want to work coz i just feel as if am in a limbo waiting for my life to start you know???
everyone else (its not all about everyone else) but i just feel like everyone is working getting married having kids(and they younger than me mind you) and am still waiting to finish studying...
sometimes its so frustrating!!! i feel like a 12 year old!!! but hey i guess i should focus on what i have now and enjoy it... but i realised that i dont know how to enjoy the now coz am alaways looking forward to the next!!! how do i stop my mind from fast tracking??? its such a daunting thought... oh well dont wanna depress anyone... bye till next time