Monday, May 4, 2009

oh life

just submitted an assignment... it was ok it was a good group to work with... but am so tired of school am counting the days until am done and go to work... people say that when u start working you wish you were studying but i still want to work coz i just feel as if am in a limbo waiting for my life to start you know???
everyone else (its not all about everyone else) but i just feel like everyone is working getting married having kids(and they younger than me mind you) and am still waiting to finish studying...
sometimes its so frustrating!!! i feel like a 12 year old!!! but hey i guess i should focus on what i have now and enjoy it... but i realised that i dont know how to enjoy the now coz am alaways looking forward to the next!!! how do i stop my mind from fast tracking??? its such a daunting thought... oh well dont wanna depress anyone... bye till next time

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