Friday, May 22, 2009

Holding on

how is it that as soon as you hit puberty your problrms get 1000% magnified?
where does it all goes wrong? when u are a child u do all you can to be an adult, as soon as you grow up and become an adult(and all the baggage that comes with it) we do all we can to hold on to our childhood memories and they seem like the only thing that keeps us sane...
i wonder what am i gonna tell my kids when they growing up in this subject, how am i going to tell them to enjoy their childhood in this age? how am i going to teach them without making them scared of growing up? i wanna be able to tell them that is ok to want to grow up but please please plase enjoy where you are now because it is very fleeting....
anyways, just one of those things.
peace in (it realy doesnt make sense to say peace then out)!!

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  1. Well its just something that only life can teach...I also miss being a kid. Children will never understand that the beauty of being a kid is in threir innocence, just like Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden and God did everything for them. The moment they were given the choice to choose, coz they then knew the difference between right and wrong, that's wen things went wrong, same here. The moment we become adults, it means we have to make our own choices and that we have seen will one day help us understand that the worst thing in the world is not to have your mom choose your outfit kkk...
    Clenia Gigi


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