Monday, May 11, 2009

Who invented group work?

oh am mad am mad... do you know when u in school and u have group work to do? ya... the idea in itself already sucks now imagine when you have lazy group memebers!!! now i will admit that am not the most diligent person on the planet but when is group work and i have to do something i pitch with what i was assigned to do!! this girl in my group id driving me up the wall... the only reason that we not gonna kick her out is becuase we dont want her to lose her marks but she's really taking us for a ride, and every fiber of my being is dying to just lash out at her but i wont, it wont do anything,and besides, we still have classes together next semester (but am avoing that trap in the future)anyways, i hope i can keep my mouth shut...
so now am trying to find info for the assignment and the computer is not working (i refuse to get mad, i wont let the machines win) ;-) ok, i gotta go now... will write soon

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