Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today I found out about you...

Hi there little one.
How are you? am so still in shock! I just found out about you and am all kinds of emotional... But most of all am so thankful for the gift God has given us: you. Am not sure where to start thinking because it's still a bit unreal and amazing at the same time.
I mean I still think of myself as a little girl and to think that I have you inside of me is just too much for my little brain to understand.
I can't stop thinking about you ( and I just found out about you 3 hours ago) thinking what u doing, what you like, are you gonna look like your dad or me?
What are going to call you? Are you a boy or a girl? Are you ok in there? Are you warm? Too many things!!!hahaha
But of all the things that are going through my mind know this: you are already so so so loved and so expected, am already thinking how am I going to decorate your room and your grandmommies are so over the moon about you!!! I love pink and if you are a girl I hope you love pink too (it's ok if you don't) but to celebrate you I painted my nails pink. Looks red but it's pink.
I can't wait to meet you already.
So your auntie Marlene and your aunties Chipo and Ntshenge(youll meet them when u arrive) kept making fun of me yesterday telling me that u was pregnant, I denied with all I have and just had fun imagining you and what presents they were gonna give you. Today out of a dare your aunt Marlene and I decided to buy a pregnancy test and take it but unfortunately I didn't have to pee so we left the test fe tomorrow. But when I got home I decided to buy one just for fun for me and your dad, what was my surprise when I saw those double lines!!!!! I smiled, I cried (of joy and happiness) I jumped, I sat in your dads lap and cried of joy some more! Your dad was smiling like the car who got the cream and his eyes were shining white pride ( I could see it). Little baby know that you are loved and cherished.

I love you to eternity.
Ps that a picture of me of the day I found out about you.