Thursday, July 15, 2010


Ok meeting was good, ALMOST fell asleep!!! Not because I wanted to but because I tried but I just couldn’t understand most of the stuff but I did keep up I mean my boss was staring right at me talk about pressure. But it was cool. I didn’t think people laughed at board meeting but we did it was kinda cool.
Am missing my baby more, we gotta start looking at places to live!! Yikes!! So happy I can’t believe am gonna look for MY house? Wow the Lord is amazing and really faithful in all He does hey…

Jah, gotta go not being paid to blog…

My first!!!

Wow today is a BIG day!! Its day 3 of swimming through paperwork on my own (started the job month and a half ago and already am doing things on my own yay!!) and today is my first meeting with the department chief!!!
Ok can I get a minute to panic? Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
I just hope I don’t fall asleep or bur or something like that wow…
OK later will update more. This job thing is awesome!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


yep started my new FIRST job and i must say it was a shock!!! wow, the hours, the pressure, the getting to know everyone´s names, the procedures wow but it has been very eye opening and amazing. The Lord has been faithful wow.
but as amazinga as this has been my babe is not here with me and that makes me sad, but we have to make some sacrifices...

well gotta work. chat later...