Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11+ Independence Day + Lazy Day= Just Perfect...

Well, since everybody is going on and on, on how the 11.11.11 Is so special then I’ll get Into the bandwagon too! (hey I want it that when the next date comes around, my kids because I probably will be dead by then see that their momma was alive and made her mark when the previous 11.11.11 happened!
Anyway so what does it mean? I only know that it’s a date that happens only once in a Century, I probably won’t be alive to see the next one, and that it is a lucky date! Oh well...
 Not only that it’s the ANGOLAN INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!

Anyways it was a fun date 11.11.11 at 11pm 11min and 11 secs (you gotta admit it was pretty cool) but as the first minutes of the day rolled in I was rudely awakened by Fireworks so loud I thought there was a war starting on Independence day, threw myself under the bed (you would too!!) and stayed there till I peed my pants, said all my prayed and almost cried like a baby called my friend who Informed me It was "just" fireworks!! All because it’s a public holiday and Independence day!!! whoopteedooo for Angola!!

Keeping on, Public holiday or not, I had to go to work for half a day then it was blissful free afternoon (am just gonna be happy about the free afternoon so I don’t get mad about them stealing my full day)
So with a free afternoon (something that doesn’t happen often) I was Indecisive on what to do!!!

Should I;                                                      Stay in Bed:

Play in the Garden: 
  Stuff myself with Junk food:
                                                    Or Give Myself a Make Over?

                    In the End the Calling from My bed, Tv Series and warm blankies won me over!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Loneliness in a fun day

Today is not a good day.... I mean it was a fun day, half day work; afternoon in the beach with my girlfriend had so much fun, laughed so hard and played in the sand like a little girl again!!
Ok, I had fun, I loved every minute, every crazy picture we took, every wave we tried to run away from (unsuccessfully).

So why not a good day you ask? Because as much fun as I was having, there was one constant thought in my mind: I miss my Fiancée!!
J (won’t disclose his name as he is shy...) is so very far away, on another continent, yeah a phone call away, a Skype away but not a touch away... I miss him, his voice, his kisses, and his touch I just miss having him by my side....
I walk out I wish he were here, I go to the beach and I wonder whether he would like it there, I laugh and I wonder whether he would find it funny what the same thing, I sleep, I wake up, I go to work thinking about him, dreaming about him, wishing him next to me.


We are getting married next year and boy you have no idea how I want this year to end already!!!
Baby when u read this, know this too: I miss you every second of every hour of every day!! Corny i know but true too!!!
Anyways, didn’t mean to bum you out but as I sit here on my bed after the funnest day at the beach I’ve had in a while and the only thing I can think about is I wish he were here then I know one thing: I’ve got it bad for him.

And I don’t mind it one bit!!!

Have a nice Wednesday everybody.
Lots of love from me.
The Princess!

Solidão ...

Hoje não é um bom dia .... Quero dizer, foi um dia divertido, meio dia de trabalho; tarde na praia com a minha amiga me diverti muito, ri tanto e jogamos na areia como uma criancas de novo!
Ok, eu me diverti, eu adorei cada minuto, cada foto louca tiramos, cada onda que tentamos fugir (sem sucesso).
Então porque não foi um bom dia você pergunta? Porque tanta diversao que eu estava tendo, havia um pensamento constante em minha mente: Estou com Saudades do meu Noivo!
J (não divulgo seu nome porque ele é tímido ...) esta muito distante,noutro continente, sim um telefonema de distância, uma Skype, mas não uma distância que o posso tocar ... Eu sinto falta dele, da sua voz, dos seus beijos e seu toque Eu sinto falta dele ao meu lado ....
Eu rio e me pergunto se ele iria achar a mesma coisa engracada, eu durmo, eu acordo, vou trabalhar pensando nele, sonhando com ele, desejando-lhe ao meu lado.
Nós vamos nos casar no ano que vem e você não tem idéia como eu quero este ano para acabar já!
Meu amor quando leres este post quero que saibas: eu sinto sua falta a cada segundo de cada hora de cada dia! Corny eu sei, mas é a mais pura verdade!
Pra o leitor,espero que nao o deprimi, mas sentada aqui na minha cama depois do mais divertido dia na praia que eu tive há algum tempo a única coisa que consigo pensar é que eu gostaria que ele estivesse aqui, então eu sei um coisa: Ele e o meu tudo!!.
E eu não me importo nem um pouco!

Teham uma quarta-feira agradável.
Muito amor de mim.
The Princess!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to live a double life

Nope, am not teaching you how to break the law and create a new identity and neither am teaching you how to balance them if you already have two lives (so if you are looking for that you can stop reading, or go on if u want to)

I am from Angola Born in Huambo but I live in Luanda, the only language i grew up speaking was Portuguese, I went to South Africa when I was 17 years old, I became of age there, I started to know myself there, I learned how to express myself there and I learn how to speak English there. After spending 8 years in Cape Town being around English speaking people all the time and doing all my readings and TV watching in English I found myself only thinking in English!

I could have a normal conversation in Portuguese but it was never without the odd English word thrown in much to the dismay of my non speaking family because I wouldn’t even realise I was throwing English words in until they asked me “what?”
Well, that wasn’t really a problem, (who am I kidding I still do it LOL but not so much) until I decided to start this blog, well I was in South Africa and I thought my readers would be only English speaking readers, but then I came Home and boy did I get a wakeup call!!! I mean I wanted to express myself and involve my family and colleagues in my journey, but some of them didn’t understand what I was saying thus couldn’t read the blog but I didn’t want to write in Portuguese only because I also didn’t want to alienate my English speaking friends! Talk about a double life LOL!

Me being the proactive person I am decided to create another blog ( boy it was not a good idea! Not that the blog wasn’t good or anything, but if I can hardly keep up one blog how in the world am I going to keep two? Oh boy...

Anyway, after much consideration and thinking, I decided to Delete my Portuguese blog and keep my English Blog BUT I will write in Both Languages on one blog!!

Basically this is a BEAR WITH ME post because from now on it will be in both languages... maybe later, i will be able to see whether my readers are more fluent in English or Portuguese and stick to one language but for now i will live my double life right here!!

Have a blessed Sunday y’ all and I promise to post more often!!!

Much Love and Peace
The Princess

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Long Time no see.

Oh my! talk about a long time!!! so sorry for my absense been so busy with work and travelling around for work that i have all but forgotten about this blog!
But no i havent forgot about you... am well, working my mind off, hey why hasnt anybody come up with a formula to balace relationships, family, friends and work? oh my word am going crazy wih these dinamics!! Just when u think u have it all under control, cracks start showing up like a bad construction site i mean WTH? gimme a break!
anyways, now am on a calm front family/friend/work wise but again everything else is on a stormy phase... i guess u just cant win can you?
Oh well, another day another prayer....
sorry for my absence, will try and be more dilligent with posting. have a great middle of the week guys!

The Princess

Friday, May 27, 2011

1 YEAR!!!

holy smokes!! has it been a year already? i wanna say i remember it like yesterday but nope, cant.
I do remember waking up so excited i hardly slept, got to the company earlier than the director and my back was so sore from sitting up straight! LOL
met so many people, almost fell asleep when they were explaining to me what i was gonna do and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting down because as life would have it the person who was supposed to teach me felt threatened by me so decided that she wasn't gonna teach me! (she got over it later).
Anyways, by the end of the day i was exhausted,couldn't remember anyone´s name, exhilarated, happy, ecstatic freakishly on top of the world!!!

That dear readers, was my very first day in the real world of work and today marks one year of that milestone and i must say it has been quite a journey!
I look forward to more years!

Lots of love.
The Princess

Friday, May 20, 2011

::UPDATE:: My Whereabouts

Hi guys!
Hope you are well and well had as awesome past 6-7 months!
Yeah I know I’ve been absent but it has been hectic! I didn’t have internet at home and they blocked all logs sites at work, but that’s solved now.
So how have you all been? I am wonderful, am working a (hectic) rotation where i do 6 weeks in another province and go home for 2 weeks recuperation... it’s not fun and it takes a toll on our relationship but I am learning so much soon Einstein will look like my nephew! LOL (jokes)
News: I AM ENGAGED!!! Yes I got the ring; it was such a beautiful ceremony and party!! Now am in wedding planning mode so if you hear too much wedding talk; please bear with me!
Am also in the process of opening a small perfume shop and a hair dress salon so as you see it has been a very busy couple of months!!
Since I got my net back I hope to keep you more updated on my goings ons!

So how have you been? Fill me in!
Lotsa loves.