Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to live a double life

Nope, am not teaching you how to break the law and create a new identity and neither am teaching you how to balance them if you already have two lives (so if you are looking for that you can stop reading, or go on if u want to)

I am from Angola Born in Huambo but I live in Luanda, the only language i grew up speaking was Portuguese, I went to South Africa when I was 17 years old, I became of age there, I started to know myself there, I learned how to express myself there and I learn how to speak English there. After spending 8 years in Cape Town being around English speaking people all the time and doing all my readings and TV watching in English I found myself only thinking in English!

I could have a normal conversation in Portuguese but it was never without the odd English word thrown in much to the dismay of my non speaking family because I wouldn’t even realise I was throwing English words in until they asked me “what?”
Well, that wasn’t really a problem, (who am I kidding I still do it LOL but not so much) until I decided to start this blog, well I was in South Africa and I thought my readers would be only English speaking readers, but then I came Home and boy did I get a wakeup call!!! I mean I wanted to express myself and involve my family and colleagues in my journey, but some of them didn’t understand what I was saying thus couldn’t read the blog but I didn’t want to write in Portuguese only because I also didn’t want to alienate my English speaking friends! Talk about a double life LOL!

Me being the proactive person I am decided to create another blog ( boy it was not a good idea! Not that the blog wasn’t good or anything, but if I can hardly keep up one blog how in the world am I going to keep two? Oh boy...

Anyway, after much consideration and thinking, I decided to Delete my Portuguese blog and keep my English Blog BUT I will write in Both Languages on one blog!!

Basically this is a BEAR WITH ME post because from now on it will be in both languages... maybe later, i will be able to see whether my readers are more fluent in English or Portuguese and stick to one language but for now i will live my double life right here!!

Have a blessed Sunday y’ all and I promise to post more often!!!

Much Love and Peace
The Princess