Friday, May 27, 2011

1 YEAR!!!

holy smokes!! has it been a year already? i wanna say i remember it like yesterday but nope, cant.
I do remember waking up so excited i hardly slept, got to the company earlier than the director and my back was so sore from sitting up straight! LOL
met so many people, almost fell asleep when they were explaining to me what i was gonna do and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting down because as life would have it the person who was supposed to teach me felt threatened by me so decided that she wasn't gonna teach me! (she got over it later).
Anyways, by the end of the day i was exhausted,couldn't remember anyone´s name, exhilarated, happy, ecstatic freakishly on top of the world!!!

That dear readers, was my very first day in the real world of work and today marks one year of that milestone and i must say it has been quite a journey!
I look forward to more years!

Lots of love.
The Princess

Friday, May 20, 2011

::UPDATE:: My Whereabouts

Hi guys!
Hope you are well and well had as awesome past 6-7 months!
Yeah I know I’ve been absent but it has been hectic! I didn’t have internet at home and they blocked all logs sites at work, but that’s solved now.
So how have you all been? I am wonderful, am working a (hectic) rotation where i do 6 weeks in another province and go home for 2 weeks recuperation... it’s not fun and it takes a toll on our relationship but I am learning so much soon Einstein will look like my nephew! LOL (jokes)
News: I AM ENGAGED!!! Yes I got the ring; it was such a beautiful ceremony and party!! Now am in wedding planning mode so if you hear too much wedding talk; please bear with me!
Am also in the process of opening a small perfume shop and a hair dress salon so as you see it has been a very busy couple of months!!
Since I got my net back I hope to keep you more updated on my goings ons!

So how have you been? Fill me in!
Lotsa loves.