Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Long Time no see.

Oh my! talk about a long time!!! so sorry for my absense been so busy with work and travelling around for work that i have all but forgotten about this blog!
But no i havent forgot about you... am well, working my mind off, hey why hasnt anybody come up with a formula to balace relationships, family, friends and work? oh my word am going crazy wih these dinamics!! Just when u think u have it all under control, cracks start showing up like a bad construction site i mean WTH? gimme a break!
anyways, now am on a calm front family/friend/work wise but again everything else is on a stormy phase... i guess u just cant win can you?
Oh well, another day another prayer....
sorry for my absence, will try and be more dilligent with posting. have a great middle of the week guys!

The Princess

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