Wednesday, August 27, 2008

inside info on me

hi there!!! how are you?? am princess you can call me prinni, am new at this so i`ll just go with the flow...
so anyone out there? give me a holler if u see my blog!
well i am a christian and student i got a boyfriend and am studyingin a foreign country(SA), miss my family but am having a blast learning new things and a new culture...
am from angola and been in SA for 6 years, am studying bachelor of administration and am finishing this year (yepee my grad day is coming!!!)
i love reading and writing and like to talk about any current topic.
for now will just leave that and when i have more will check in...
wow am so excited, i can blab and blab! and even if no one listens... its good to just let it out isnt it???
well am off
lots of love and crackers(love them)

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