Monday, July 28, 2014

Sand Playing!!!

Today am such a proud and happy momma!!!
Yesterday we were invited to a birthday party and the house we went to wasn’t cemented so the whole yard was sand…
My boy
So, after the initial shyness, Bubba decided to venture to play with the other children, he was trotting along just fine when suddenly wham!
He fell on his bum! Being the helicopter mum (try and judge me haha) that I am I wanted to go and pick him up when suddenly I see my boy picking up a fistful of sand and trying to analyze it closer to see what it was, the sand started falling through his fingers! I’ve never seen him so inquisitive!! He was soooooo awed at this “thing” that wouldn’t stay still in his hands yet it felt so weird!!!

He just sat there picking up sand and seeing it falling through his fingers… then he just sat there with his hands in the sand with this content look on his face you know the look you get when you peeing yourself in the shower? Lol like he just found gold.

I felt so happy and sad at the same time. Happy that my boy was so happy with playing with something so simple such as sand and yet being so joyfully delighted, and sad as to why it took me so long to just let him play in the sand and be a child.

Its simple things that make my heart full.

I Thank the Lord so much for giving us this pleasure.

When I take him to the beach ill attach some pictures.

Have a blessed day Y’all.

Chica, A Boy’s Momma


  1. The joy of the little things that fill the heart of a parent with pride and joy. Let him explore and explore with him. Let yourself go and he will follow. Go on little adventures...

    1. oh yes, they are definitely Joys of parenthood. it was so awesome swwing him sooooooooooo happy!


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