Friday, July 28, 2017

A newer new (Weight ) Beggining...

So last year, or the year before I cant remember, I stumbled upon these workouts by a company called Beachbody.
I must say they ave changed my life and the way I look at working out.
The first workout I did was by the trainer called Autumn Calabrese and I must say she’s awesome!
So I did her workouts and tried others by other Beachbody trainers too and did lose weight;  ( I started on 85 kgs and lost 4 kgs ) but although the workouts work, I wasn’t diligent enough with my food or workout regularity so I slipped into old habits and Bam! When I realized I was weighing 89 kilos! (196.6 lbs)
So I’ve been gathering enough courage and motivation to start working out again; and I decided that will start again on Monday (what better day right? Lol)
This time I decided to make my own schedule and stick to it.
The schedule is:
3 rounds of 21 day fix (starting July 31st and ending October 1st my birthday!!!!)
The 60 days of Insanity!
It’s the first time I’ll be doing insanity so am a little scared but so ready for it!!!

This time I have to be true to myself and commit to it.
It will be so so hard but I know I can do it And I WILL do it.

So here goes the beginning of  my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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