Wednesday, January 20, 2016

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!!!

Hello Dear Besotted readers....

It seems all I do here is apologize for being absent... yeah I ignore this blog so much, so this time I won’t make any promises ill just do my best.

I’ve got news:


Yes, knocked up again and I got to say I am LOVING IT!!!

Skipping the first trimester where I just wanted to kick everyone and felt sick all the time, am glad I survived it! lol

Now am on second trimester and it is awesome!!! the glow, the weight loss (oh Yeah!!!) the cute tummy and the increased sex drive!!!! (bonus! bonus! bonus!!)

Am waiting to start feeling baby kick but I can feel soft movements already and although it’s the second time I still feel just as emotional.

Anyways... this is what has been happening.

Speak to you soon!!

Besotted Mommy
PS: check out our Bun!!!

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