Monday, September 24, 2012

Loving Monday

Please don't shoot me but: I LOVE MONDAYS!! not the feeling i get when i have to get up, or when Sunday is over or when i have to decide what to wear...
I just love the feeling i get when i get up, its like new beginnings, a new day, new chance, new opportunity for whatever! so although Garfield would be throwing his lasagna at me for saying that, i really do love Mondays for the opportunity it brings to me to be:
Extra loving to my husband
Nicer to people
Bless others
Praise and thank God for everything... and for that, and just for that, am so thankful for monday.

Have a great day lovelies...

P.S; i might start a series on why I love Monday posts hopefully they will keep me more accountable to blogging hehehe.

Have a great day!!
the Missus


  1. Can't complain about Monday either...
    Post more about your love for Mondays and you may change some minds along the way. ��

  2. Eh mondays arent that bad sometimes... we just need to see it on the bright side as something new an fresh not an unwelcome day!
    thanks for stopping by and will be sure to post more!

  3. I guess if you put it in that light I too can agree that I love Mondays for the opportunities and chances it gives us. In fact everyday should be seen as a chance and opportunity to start things over but nothing is more fitting than Monday, the beggining of the week, the beginning of a beggining which can be the start we want all over again after the mistakes of Friday.

  4. so true! everyday is a chance for new beginnings!! thank you so much for stopping by!


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