Thursday, July 19, 2012

18/05/2012 Married!!!

Hello everyone!
Wow not sure where to start as ive been off for a long time (almost forgot my password LOL)
Anyways… I GOT married!!!! And yesterday was our 2 month Anniversary!!!
My Dress and stuff
my upside down i do stickers!!

 Am so loving being married and I must say its trully a blessing!!! Hubby is awesme, our house is fun although at the moment hes not here with me, but yeah…
Wedding day was awesome, we are definitelly blessed! hers to years ans years of Happiness!!
Will try and post more often I promisse!
Be Blessed


  1. Hehe from posting abt assignments, to first day at work, to marriage and now about a baby. It has been a pleasure reading your journey. Absolutely love this blog!


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