Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11+ Independence Day + Lazy Day= Just Perfect...

Well, since everybody is going on and on, on how the 11.11.11 Is so special then I’ll get Into the bandwagon too! (hey I want it that when the next date comes around, my kids because I probably will be dead by then see that their momma was alive and made her mark when the previous 11.11.11 happened!
Anyway so what does it mean? I only know that it’s a date that happens only once in a Century, I probably won’t be alive to see the next one, and that it is a lucky date! Oh well...
 Not only that it’s the ANGOLAN INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!

Anyways it was a fun date 11.11.11 at 11pm 11min and 11 secs (you gotta admit it was pretty cool) but as the first minutes of the day rolled in I was rudely awakened by Fireworks so loud I thought there was a war starting on Independence day, threw myself under the bed (you would too!!) and stayed there till I peed my pants, said all my prayed and almost cried like a baby called my friend who Informed me It was "just" fireworks!! All because it’s a public holiday and Independence day!!! whoopteedooo for Angola!!

Keeping on, Public holiday or not, I had to go to work for half a day then it was blissful free afternoon (am just gonna be happy about the free afternoon so I don’t get mad about them stealing my full day)
So with a free afternoon (something that doesn’t happen often) I was Indecisive on what to do!!!

Should I;                                                      Stay in Bed:

Play in the Garden: 
  Stuff myself with Junk food:
                                                    Or Give Myself a Make Over?

                    In the End the Calling from My bed, Tv Series and warm blankies won me over!!!!

Yeah.... Pure Bliss!!!

Happy 11.11.11
Happy Independence Day to ALL Angolans and Honorary Angolans
Happy Remembrance day to all my US, Canada and UK
... And Happy Anything Else you might be celebrating!!

Lots of Love


  1. A independência de Angola foi proclamada por António Agostinho Neto, primeiro Presidente da República Popular de Angola e do MPLA.

    Foi às 23:00 horas do dia 11 de Novembro de 1975 que Agostinho Neto proclamava diante da África e do mundo Independência de Angola até então prospera colónia portuguesa em África.

  2. That's always a good way to spend the day. ;)

  3. nem me lembrei qndo ese dia passou 11.11.11 ... rsrssrsrsrrs


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