Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Power of Words (Weight Issue)

Hi, my name is Chica am 29 years old a wife and a mom to a wonderful wonder 1 year toddler.
Oh I should also mention am overweight (wow it hurts to even write that).

…And yes am well aware of it… I could give you all kinds of excuses known to man as to why am overweight but the truth is, I ate way too much after I gave birth thinking that I had to “because I was breastfeeding” (my number 1 excuse).
The kilos were piling as I happily munched on everything in my sight (am feeding a human being I have a right to eat anything right? WRONG!!)

During my pregnancy I only gained 5 kilos (about 10lbs) but after that I ballooned so quickly I didn’t know what hit me! Right now am 20kilos (40lbs) overweight and I decided to lose it by reducing the quantities of my food, cut down on junk and soda and exercising for an hour and a half Mon-Fri. (I don’t really like diets because after the weight is off, you go back to your “normal” foods and you can gain the weight back quickly, so I keep eating what I normally eat (of course no junk) but I drastically cut my portions)
It has been only 2 weeks, I’ve lost a kilo (2 lbs) and it hasn’t been easy adjusting my diet, but I’ve been feeling great and think that I already look better.

But this post isn’t about my weight struggles… It’s about the people that surround me, the people in Society… yes it’s my fault I gained weight but it’s also my responsibility to lose it.
So why do people feel like it’s their duty to come over and ask me if I don’t think I should lose some weight?
Some of the questions and commentaries I get asked/told are:
- Don’t you think you should lose some weight?
- Chica you look too fat!
- Do you really want to eat that?
- What you eating is wrong
- Pizza? Why do you want pizza?(I eat it once a month only if that)
- You really should think about dieting
- What happened to you? You are so big?
- What you waiting for to lose weight?
And lots more along those lines….

I wonder if people know how the other side feels when they say that. I wonder if they bite their tongues afterwards or congratulate themselves for “telling it like it is” according to them?
I wonder if they ask themselves is this person trying to lose weight. Is she already exercising?
I am aware of my weight gain and I know I should lose weight and for that, I have been working so hard, but all I hear is people calling me FAT… am so discouraged but I know am not doing it for them, it’s for me and my own good.
I never retort to these comments because I don’t need to make them feel bad either whether they did it on purpose or not, but that they hurt, yes they do.

So if you are reading this and you’ve made an “innocent “ remark like this to me or someone else, I forgive you and I ask that next time you better hope there isn’t a next time because I will not be nice at all you be more considerate.

Anyways, done with my pity party… I didn’t go to the gym yesterday and today because of an abscess, but I’ll be back tomorrow, after all I have a self-imposed deadline, and that is to be yummy by the time I turn 30, so whatever that means by then (weight, centimetres lost, more fit, healthier) I will be happy by 30.

Have an awesome day y’all
Chica, A Boy’s Momma

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